Google Adsense oh Google Adsense, which blogger doesn't know the number one PPC throughout this virtual universe. To be rejected by Google Adsense, it's easy for you to just register with the blog, it has been successful, but on the contrary to be accepted as a Google Adsense publisher is not an easy matter because the blogger or webmaster must have a skill in managing his blog especially when creating a content.

Who can create quality content then it is he who will have the opportunity to get an award as a Google Adsense publisher.

In addition to the quality of content on the blog, it turns out that the quantity is highly considered because it is proven that there is a minimum amount of content that must be met before signing up for Google Adsense, but unfortunately the quantity of content is still a polemic for blogging practitioners who monetize their blog because no one knows for sure what is the minimum amount of content needed to be accepted by Google Adsense.

Along with the growing number of PPCs and the more familiar the world, the more Google Adsense publishers are flooded with food and more and more enthusiasts from year to year.

Maybe there are many who apply to become a Google Adsense publisher every day because they think their blog is appropriate to be monetized.

But of the many registrants there must be some who are rejected for various reasons or even more rejected than they receive. With this, many bloggers find out how to be accepted as a Google Adsense publisher, as evidenced by the high number of search numbers about Google Adsense on search engines with numbers reaching millions of searchers every day.

With the background of the problem, the author will openly open the secret that has been hidden for years because there are other successful bloggers rejected by Google Adsense like the natural writer: D, hope that writers not smart bloggers monetize blogs and not like them which incidentally are experts in conquering Google Adsense.

Actually the author does not want to share this expensive experience, but after seeing how rampant newcomers in the world of blogging want to try to do a profession that he said is very promising by monetizing his favorite blog, the author tries to release a story based on a true story the author has written (true story ) to be considered by friends when registering for Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is not a bad PPC, so careful preparation is needed before registering to become a publisher, so don't try to register if you don't know the knowledge.

For the masters whose blogging has made the soul possible to register Google Adsense is a small matter and easy proof there is a basket of Adsense accounts that have sold dozens or even hundreds of hosted and non-hosted accounts at prices that are not cheap. The author can only say "wow ... !!!" (while biting flip-flops), because the author feels himself to get a Google Adsense account alone, so that the list goes down and much less. But because the mission of the author is not only monetizing the blog but rather channeling hobbies in writing, so don't expect too much from the material side and the author only hopes that what is written can provide benefits for others or thankfully can be a reference for research (say) 😀

You need to know if you reject Google Adsense, it feels like you have been rejected as a son-in-law with a prospective in-laws, that is, you are surprised to mix happily and mix sadly, your pokers are mixed up like that. Shocked because it is unusual to be rejected, happy because it knows our weaknesses so that in the future we can make improvements while sad because we feel that all the efforts that have been done are useless and useless.

This is no doubt made the writer often ask himself because asking questions on swaying grass has never been answered, ha. The first question that arises in the mind of the author when rejected by Google Adsense is "what wrong with my blog?". That question was the beginning of the resurrection of the author in managing the blog because armed with these questions the author finally made a super strict correction of the quality of blogs and content.

When I first signed up for Google Adsesne, the author did not know much about the requirements because I accidentally opened a review of Google Adsense complete with how to register it and without thinking long the author immediately registered.

A few days later the author got an email from Google Adsense which stated that the author's request was rejected by Google Adsense. The following is the condition of one of the writers' blogs that were rejected when registering for Google Adsense and the reason why was rejected based on the email received:

1). Number of articles is still small

It turned out that the number of articles was very influential, at that time the number of articles was still very minimal, which was only about five articles and each article only had 400-500 words.

The information from the rejection e-mail states that the amount of content is still very minimal so it needs to be reproduced again, while the number of syllables in the article is not too highlighted. The solution from this point is clear, that is, having to multiply the content of course with quality content.

2). Setting Blog Templates Not Complete

It seems that this point is a manifestation of our seriousness in being a Google Adsense publisher because we will be considered less serious if there are still unfinished template settings. At that time the condition of the author's blog was still a mess because many navigation menus were not functioning.

So, when registering for Google Adsense we must be very careful about setting up the appearance of the blog, especially the navigation menu, widgets and referral links must really function properly so as not to be rejected by Google Adsense.

Before registering for Google Adsense it is strongly recommended to build a quality blog first so that the results are as expected and there are no single unfinished settings.

3). Illegal Promotion Activities

One of the articles on the author's blog at that time discussed various types of hotels in Indonesia complete with the rates along with the hotel address and telephone number. It turned out that it was assessed by Google Adsense that the blog had been promoting illegally, indeed the authors admit that the writing contained illegal solicitation or promotion.

After realizing this, the author finally decided to delete the article. Well, so it's very clear from this point that we have to understand what we write and have to understand what type of writing the topic should not be made if we want to become a Google Adsense publisher.

4). visitors must be stable

When registering Google Adses, the author did not see blog statistics at all, especially the number of visitors. So it is only natural that the registration is rejected because indeed the number of visitors is very minimal even almost none because the blog at that time was only three weeks old and added very little content so it was natural that not many visitors came.

So it's clear before registering for Google Adsense that blog visitors must be stable, the more visitors, the more chance they will get. To bring in visitors, of course, it takes effort and hard work, one of which is to do blog promotion activities to social media or to forums related to our blog.

5). Content Discusses Hacking Techniques

At that time the author discussed how to hack Facebook accounts and Admin computers, even though his intentions only helped those who forgot their passwords, but the content was also a problem and was considered too dangerous because it violated the privacy of others so it was rejected when registering for Google Adsense.

Well, that's the author's brief experience when Google Adsense was rejected based on information from the email received.

With this incident the author continued to find out how the procedure for registering for Google Adsense and it turned out that the results were quite surprising, the blog that I managed was totally inappropriate to be registered with Google Adsense, knowing it was too rushed to be tempted by the dollar money.

Conclusion, to get Google Adses, you need to prepare thoroughly and read the correct procedure first so that all the requirements can be fulfilled. Blogs that are registered must have good visibility.

Do not easily give up and keep trying to get the best as the saying goes, "it will not stand strong before it falls", it is true because it is proven that the intentions of most people can be stronger after he fails.

Maybe going back to each other if you have a strong mentality, you will definitely try the second time. Hopefully what you do always gets good results and don't easily complain because being a blogger can't have a cracker mentality but must be steel mental.