How to get Google AdSense Match Content easily

How to get Google AdSense Match Content easily. 

Matched Content is one of the ads provided by Google Adsense, whose function is similar to the related post on a blog. But it has more varied content than the usual related post.

Please note, even though you have received Adsense completely, it does not mean you can also display Macthed Content ads directly on Google Adsense. It turns out that to get the Matched Content feature the conditions that must be met by the bloggers are fairly easy.

But not infrequently also from some publishers feel disappointed with what has been obtained from google adsense because often the value of CPC (Cost Per Click), especially in Indonesia is very minimal when compared with other countries (say America).

Many factors cause why very low cost per click includes:

  • Do not do google adsense ad optimization. 
  • Do not use special channels. 
  • channels blog is not focused (Niche gado gado) optional. 
  • The content is less weighted. 
  • It is indeed a small season again. 
  • And others

From the factors above, it is very clear that a publisher must perform tuning or niche site optimization and content so that advertisers want to pay high advertising because it is in accordance with the target advertisers.

Apart from the very low cost-per-click problem, it's a good idea to maximize adsense ads by adding the "Matched Content" ad type to our site.

The question is why should the type of Matched Content advert? why not other types of ads such as the type of ads in the article or the other.

The answer,

Because the type of ad unit matched content is a type of special advertisement that is given by Google to sites that have certain criteria (sites that are viewed by Google adsense are good) but remember that matched content does not make the automatic CPC high.

What is the Matched Content Feature ??

Matched Content is a free recommendation tool that offers an easy way to promote your content to site visitors. Or in the language of Easy Matched Content this function is almost similar to Related Post. The difference is that Matched Content is a gift from Google Adsense while Related Post is a personal setting.

Because matched content is a type of advertisement provided by Google Adsense, the display or layout on matched content has a text logo in the form of "Powered by Google" in the upper left, which means this product is from Google.

Another function of matched content and related posts is to increase the number of PVs (page views) so that visitors will feel at home reading and browsing the contents of our site to see other articles.

The matched content feature was and is different now, then what's the difference?

In the past, matched content features were not tucked away or not inserted ads from Google Adsense, but now can be inserted or inserted into the ad and we can activate the ad insertion and not activate it (like it).

How to get matched content from Google Adsense

After knowing what the Matced Content feature is the next step is how to get this Matched Content. Because not all blogs or websites that already have a Google Adsense account get these additional features. Only selected blogs can use this Matched Content feature.

There are several things that need to be considered. Get Matched Content From Google Adsense so that we can be given this special feature. Among others are.

1. Total Traffic

Some senior bloggers say that to get this feature we must have a large amount of traffic every day. Even the numbers mentioned range from "Tens of Thousand" PV (Page View). This of course makes me rather insecure and does not expect too much to get this special feature from Google Adsense.

But it turns out that reality speaks differently. Some other bloggers get the Matched Content feature with traffic that only ranges from 100 to 150 per day. So the conclusion is that traffic is influential in getting Matched Content but the number of tens of thousands turns out to be just a myth. Because even with 200-300 PV we can still get these additional features (based on data from

2. Number of Articles

How to get Matched The next content is the problem of the number of articles in one blog. We must have adequate articles so that these features are maximized and can further increase the PV of the blogs that we manage.

From the latest information I heard that to get the Matched Content feature must have at least 450 articles. But once again that is just a myth. Because other bloggers got this feature when the number of articles in they blog was only 125.

3. Optimal Monetized Sites

In its official page, Google states that to get this feature the site must be monetized optimally. Optimal here does not mean displaying as many ads, especially nowadays, the placement of Google Adsense ads is no longer limited.

Optimal means that we place ads in accordance with the Google TOS without breaking anything that is not allowed. How to optimize the monetization of this site can also vary. Among others are :

  • Ad placement experiment 
  • Experiment type and size of ad

4. Consistent Writing Articles

Actually this is not mentioned in the official Google page regarding Matched Content. But according to me, updating articles regularly is very important. The reason is to provide freshness to loyal readers of our blog and also so that Google considers our blog to be active and monetized optimally.

Besides writing articles on a regular basis can also make our hands more flexible in typing and synchronizing with our brains in stringing words. Of course there are still many other benefits of regular blog updates that we manage.

Diligently posting articles does not mean every time or every time posting articles (this is a personal blog talk) can also be 1 day 1 post or also a week at least 3 articles. With the many articles that we post automatically traffic will grow further with the note that the article must be on the first page of Google search enggine.

But remember in making articles, you must pay attention to the following:

  1. Understand SEO Onpage and Offpage 
  2. Not using slang 
  3. Articles do not discuss what is prohibited by Google (learn about Google policies and restrictions) 
  4. Don't become plagiarism (danger) 
  5. Don't forget to submit to the webmaster (Refresh the sitemap and fetch as google) 
  6. And share to SOSMED (Be careful also not to be considered spam) 
  7. Prioritize organic traffic

Why should you pay attention to the things above? because the things above aim to position the articles we post are on the first page on the google search engine or search enggine google.

If we do not pay attention to the things above, the article will be on pages 2,3 or 50 on the Google search engine. So don't just post it, because it will only waste your time.

5. Maximize Unique Visitor.

Unique visitors are important points in our blogging activities. The unique visitor is meant to be a visitor from the Google search engine. Google search engine is one of the machines that you can conquer when you get SEO knowledge.

SEO techniques are broad so don't study half and half. Return to unique visitor problems. You will get this visitor if you diligently promote your blog to discussion forums such as plus google, social media, ads id, whatsapp grub and telegram.

6. Create Similar Content.

A type of niche is one of the categories of blogs that will be discussed on your managed website. You can use hodgepodge or mix, but you should be able to focus on just one niche, why? Because Google will judge if your blog has high quality in the eyes of Google.

So from that blog that I manage is more targeted to niche Tutorial Game Mobile, other niches are just a sideline and that is the result of my own experience and some of them are copied from other blogs but previously edited before publishing. So do you want to build a blog with one niche? If you can't yet, this matched ad will be difficult to obtain.

But you must avoid this niche, for example hacking, pirated content, movies, pirated and all-round applications, blogs that deviate from Google regulations. Not that it can't be installed with adsense, but blogs that save from Google rules will be easily banned or blocked.

7. Maintain visitors.

Maintaining this visitor is not as easy as you might think. Google algorithm is getting here more and more updates. So a neglected website will be evicted away on the google search engine page. Therefore you must create content and pillars that can support the resilience of your visitors.

How to Install Matched Content in a Blog
After getting the Matched Content feature, it means we also have to paste the ad into our website / blog. Then how is it done. This is how to place a Matched Content ad on the Blog.

  1. First, first enter your Adsense account 
  2. Then click the panel in the left corner (line three) 
  3. Then click on My Ad (My Ads) 
  4. Click Content (Ad Unit) 
  5. Click + New Ad Unit 
  6. After that you will be faced with a choice of ads, namely Text & Display Ads, Matched Content, In Feed Ads, In Article Ads, then choose Matched Content. (If you have not yet obtained the feature, only three ad choices will appear, and there is no option Matched Content advertising). 
  7. After that you will be shown to the next page, just click the arrow to continue. 
  8. After continuing, then in this step we will arrange the position of the Matched Content ad as desired. 
  9. After you set it according to your wishes, continue with Save and Get Code. 
  10. Copy / copy the code provided 
  11. Then paste the code into the HTML source code of any page on your website. Or you can also paste the code into the widget you want.

Do you have a shadow for this matched content type ad? Or even loose? Your eits don't easily give up, matched content is very easy to get if you want to try to improve your blog to look active with Google. Update at least once every two days, don't let it loose.

So many Unique Facts articles Get Matched Content From Google Adsense this time.